Tuesday 29 May 2012


Ali Khalil

After a long 14 hours flight, the plane finally landed in Ichen Airport – Seoul. The travel was exhausting yet that period of time helped me have a closer prayer time with God.



Ichen Airport - Seoul

As soon as the plane landed, Mr. Kim – my host- informed me that he needed at least one hour to reach the airport. So I waited in the lobby praying and contemplating the new culture of South Korea. All that time the Holy Spirit was equipping me.



Finally, Kim arrives and I have my first Korean / Japanese meal.. Since I don’t know what is it’s name I took a picture of it:

Korean / Japanese Food

Some kind of mixed vegetables with raw fish inside of it and a spicy sauce. Of course I swapped food with Kim to eat some meat instead of it 😀

Nevertheless, we ate rapidly and quickly took the express limousine bus for another 4 hours trip into a village called Iksan. Chung MooksaNim (Pastor Chung) was waiting for us and greeted us great hospitality and care. Chung Mooksanim took us to Cho TshangnoNim (Elder Cho)‘s house where we had a wonderful family dinner together. Let me tell you, that humblness is one great virtue that inspired me the minute a stepped foot into the airport and went all the way to see it furthermore.

People where so eager to know about Lebanon and my testimony that as soon as we finished eating questions starting popping out. Poor Kim! He had to translate two hours of sharing stories.

Later that evening, Kim and I decided to go for a walk, visit the church and pray for tomorrow’s first meeting.

Silouam Church - Iksan City









But what grabbed my attention the most!! was seeing one Elder cleaning the church’s windows at 10:00 pm and preparing the second days’ 4:00 am meeting in prayers along his wife.


Finally, Kim and I prayed and asked for the power of the Holy Spirit to be among us.

Now, I have to sleep – Tomorrow is a big day starting 4:00 am

Servant of Jesus,

PS: Keep us in your prayers, as God opens new doors for his people to communicate and share His Mighty word. I miss each and everyone of you: My wife, my parents, my pastor, Spartans, and the whole church!

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