As my mission approaches to it’s end, I would like to inform you about the two major events that happened the past two days:

  1. Christ Ambassador Mission (CAM) @ Yonsei University
  2. Pastor Rev. Myungwoo Choi @ Kangnam Church
  3. Miscellaneous

1. Christ Ambassador Mission (CAM) @ Yonsei University:

CAM @ Yansei University
CAM @ Yansei University

Kim and I went to the Yonsei University in Seoul, one of the biggest universities of the region, where people from all around Asia and the world come to study at. People from Malaysa, China, Hongkong and many other countries come to major in this university. Kim and I had a wonderful Christ like discussion with these students to encourage them on keep on the faith and following the path of The Lord. I will record one incident! while I was giving my testimony one of the students started to cry, God was doing His work! Healing!

2. Pastor Rev. Myungwoo Choi @ Kangnam Church:

Pastor Rev. Myungwoo Choi
Pastor Rev. Myungwoo Choi

Today was a bit exceptional, we definitely had to rest but we had a very important meeting in the evening. we went to the Full Gospel Kangnam Church, as they call it here in Seoul: the 2nd Yoido Full Gospel Church branch!
Kim and I met with Pastor Rev. Myungwoo Choi, and to my astonishment,  God has spoken to him and put on his heart to work with the people in the Middle East. We had a wonderful time together in sharing information and in prayers.


3. Miscellaneous:

As always i would leave you with some adventurous pictures.

Bus Stop Rush Hour
Bus Stop Rush Hour
Kim's  adorable Family
Kim's adorable Family


Have a blessed day everyone, I have a final meeting tomorrow with another church before I leave to Lebanon.
By the Grace of God I shall be arriving on Sunday 10:55 am. Pray for Kim & I and our safe return back to Lebanon.

May the blessings of our Lord Jesus Christ pour upon you everyday of your life!

Jesus’ Obedient Servant,

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