Dear All,
Today, Rawad, Christian, Fadia, Rania and I went for a 110km ride from Beirut to Hadat Al Jibbeh! Yes indeed quite a long ride but it was worth it to the extreme.

Drummer Rawad Haddad

After a two hours long drive from Beirut, Chekka, Amioune, Kosba and entering to Hadath Al Jibbe! A long ride makes us reach an amazing Forest that is preserved by the village itself. There, we met a group of young people aging from 13 up to 22 dwelling into a very highly disciplined camping where we’ve seen some amazing work done by those young men of the future. Rawad’s Rising From Dead Testimony, was quite astonishing to most of these young men, Hence we’ve seen many of them encouraged by what God has done in Rawad’s life and how the power of God can dwell in the life of a believer.

We offered the group  a gift of love. The Bible!

Before we left, our worship band presented a couple worship songs and we lead the group into a small prayer time and connection with God!

The Church's Band!
Stay tuned as this weekend we shall bring you further news about a conference that is taking place!

Have a good day Everyone!

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