Global Proclamation Academy – Dallas, TX

Hi everyone! I know, I Know… It’s been quite a while since I shared something with you, but I surely pray that what I will be sharing in the coming weeks will be beneficial for all of us.

Lately, I have been invited and accepted to attend this year’s Global Proclamation Academy (GPA) in Dallas. The opportunity seems interesting and promising as we seek to  learn “from the best—from world-renowned, experienced Master Coaches–whom I will brief you about in later posts–who will sharpen our focus on the three critical areas of our ministry: biblical spirituality, theological discernment and effective preaching.”1

Final Preparation Days

The trip starts on Thursday June 05, 2014 and rolls for another 26 days. It’s my first long trip away from my wife, my family, my church as well as my work. So you can imagine the stress, right?

Today, I managed to finalize 90% of my packing, yet I still have to make sure to grab my laptop, print my itinerary, write down some important phone numbers and then I will be all set.

Prayers Needed

The main reason of this brief blog is, actually, to ask for your continuous prayers and support. Kindly pray:

  1. For the Lord’s protection,
  2. For my wife and family to be able to cope with that long distance and period away from each other,
  3. That all things run smoothly at the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary (my work), as June is a very busy season. You can read more about it here, as it will help you focus your prayers.
  4. That I manage to benefit from this trip on both spiritual and intellectual levels.

Finally, I would like to thank you for reading this blog! And i’m so excited to keep you posted with all the upcoming news and events regarding the Global Proclamation Academy – Dallas.

Have a blessed day everyone!



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