Greetings to every family member, co-worker, church member and blog follower! Let me kick off today’s story by saying:

“God is in control!”

In this issue I will be tackling the following subjects:

  1. Lebanon – Beirut Airport
  2. UK – Heathrow Airport
  3. Texas – Dallas Airport
  4. Prayers
  5. Miscellaneous

Beirut Airport

Ali Khalil
In the British Airways Plane

I woke up this morning (June 5) at 5:30 am, dressed up, loved my wife and hugged my parents then I directly headed to the airport. I was a bit worried about the flight details, since the system did not help me check in on both flights, yet as soon as I got there, the ground flight attendant said: “Mr. Khalil, great choice of seats! How did you manage to get it? We usually sell those at 70$, because it’s the first row in economy.” So I just ended up smiling and this is how I started proclaiming that “God is in control!” Well of course, after I proclaimed that “God is in control”, another piece of news popped in and the ground flight attendant said: “Sorry Sir, I’m not able to get your second flight’s boarding pass. Sometimes they do that for security check.” I smiled back again took the current boarding pass and headed to the gate and waited for the boarding to happen. Three hours later we boarded on the plane to fly four hours to Heathrow Airport.

UK – Heathrow Airport

UK From Above
UK From Above

Due to the air conditioning on the first flight, I had a huge headache throughout the whole flight as well as the new airport and trip. Regardless of that, I arrived to Heathrow and headed directly to the American Airlines security agents where I was asked lots of questions (1st time), then I proceeded to the ground flight attendant who asked me back the same questions (2nd time), then I continued to the gate where I was asked back the same questions (3rd time) with an additional gift: “Full security check and search.” What is a full security check and search you may ask. Well that means that I had to open up my luggage, take off my shoes so they can peak in the shoes as well as beneath my feet… huh? Yes, yes, beneath my feet. But let me tell you, the agents were super respectful, humble, gentle and understanding! I don’t want to be mean, but, in your opinion, what would happen if a person is to go through a similar security check at the Beirut Airport? Do you think they will be similarly treated?

Ali & Jim
Ali & Jim

Anyways, I finally boarded the plane, and since “God is in control,” my fellow passenger turned out to be a Pastor of a small congregation in New Mexico. So you know, the ten hour flight was not as boring as I was expecting it to be. Pastor Jim and I talked for hours, learning about each other as well as our ministries, countries and cultures. I managed to watch a movie: “Need for Speed” – which I don’t quite recommend! Nonetheless, I was able to get a couple of hours of sleep and rest but most of all; I spent around 3 hours in prayers, bible reading and listening to worship songs. You see, when “God is in control” time flashes by, especially if you’re in His presence! Oops, sorry I got carried away in preaching…. That’s not the purpose, right? Let’s head to what happened at the Dallas Airport.

Texas – Dallas Airport

After all what happened previously, I did not know what to expect in Dallas. So I kept on proclaiming that “God is in control,” and you know what? I had the smoothest check out ever where I found my friends Robby and Bob waiting to pick me up.

Andrew, Ali and Robby
Andrew, Ali and Robby


I would like to thank you guys for your continuous prayers and support. At this time, kindly pray that I don’t have a jet lag, and that tomorrow would be a resting time before the D-Day comes.


This is part a tiny part of Dallas Theological Seminary and tomorrow I will write you more about it.

Recreational Area for the DTS students
Recreational Area for the DTS students

Enjoy your day everyone.

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