” […] forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before”

 " [...] forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before", was our August 2012 conference's  theme. Around 60 people gathered for a 48 hours of prayers, praise, teachings and preaching! God manifested Himself in wonderful and amazing ways; healing all the previous pains, sicknesses and shackles  and transforming them [...]

MELTI in Lebanon!

Talking about God's timing! Few days ago, an amazing group of 49 people from the Middle East Leadership Training Institute came unto Lebanon for an amazing conference / vacation time. Believe me, if you had the chance to spend time with those people you would never want to leave them. So let me take you [...]

Final Days: CAM & KAGNAM Church

As my mission approaches to it's end, I would like to inform you about the two major events that happened the past two days: Christ Ambassador Mission (CAM) @ Yonsei University Pastor Rev. Myungwoo Choi @ Kangnam Church Miscellaneous 1. Christ Ambassador Mission (CAM) @ Yonsei University: Kim and I went to the Yonsei University in [...]

Day 9: 606 The Holy Spirit 7th

Today's journal is easy! Full day at the 606 The 7th Holy Spirit conference for Youth and some miscellaneous images like everyday! 1.The 7th Holy Spirit Conference for Youth: 606 606 represents the 6th of June which is the national holiday here in South Korea; it is  a memory of all the martyrs that where dead [...]

Day 7 & 8: Small Groups, Prayer Mountain & Middle East Missionaries.

Thank you for your patience, I would like to apologize because I did not have the time to write down the blog yesterday as I've spent all day/night at the Yoido Prayer Mountain that we will talk about in just a while. Today's menu is: Elders & Deaconesses of the "Success Mission" Women's meeting Deacon's Home Visit [...]