Day 03: Big Day in the City!

Again, Rise and shine! it’s 4:00 am.. So hard to wake up! but the minute your take the decision then you are just moments away of an amazing early morning prayer time with the Lord. Kim and I woke up to prepare for this morning’s a sermon, where i have shared a message on : “God had a personal promised land to you!” And i surely want to thank Jesus for His anointing over this sermon, as many people where blessed and took changing decisions into their lives.

Afterwards, Chung Mooksanim invited for breakfast before we headed to the Capital Seoul. For the fun of it, Chung Mooksanim, his wife, Kim, his aunt and her husband where all deliberating to see what they should get me for breakfast! And as a final decision they managed to find a 24/24 Burger King alike shop to buy me one BURGER at 7:00 am in the morning, which we took away and went to a typical korean restaurant so they could have their usual breakfast ‘RICE SOUPE’ and OCTOPUS! yep, as i discovered Rice is just like Bread to us.

To an extent that this verse: “And Jesus said unto them, I am the bread of life…” (John 6:35) is translated to “And Jesus said unto them, I am the RICE of life…” in the Korean Bible! Can you imagine the importance of Rice now?!!!

KTX StationNow that the breakfast is done, we head back home to pack, have some rest and then take the KTX (Korean Train X-press), that rolls on a 300km/hour, to reach the capital Seoul. After wandering for a while in the city, we took the bus to reach our hosts home who greet us with warmness.


Today was a bit exhausting, therefore i should leave you for now with that short story so i could get some rest, as tomorrow we start again at 5:00 am.

Good night everyone!