GPA – Day 01: Orientation and Prestonwood Baptist Church

It’s always a pleasure to sit down, reflect on what happened during the day and share it with you guys. I pray that you are enjoying reading it as much as I am enjoying cooking it.

In this issue I shall share with you the following:

  1. Jet lag Vs sports
  2. South America, Europe and the Middle East
  3. Dr. Ramesh Richard visit
  4. Prestonwood Baptist Church visit
  5. Prayers
  6. Miscellaneous

I know the above topics sound voluptuous, but I’m going to try keeping it to a minimum.

Jet lag Vs sports

It never occurred to me that I would be a “jet lager,” but when I woke up at 5:00 am today without the alarm’s help then I understood how difficult it is. Yet, I decided to somehow overcome it! I put on my shorts and went down for an hour of running and stretching. I guess that if I maintain this pace of work then I might actually start loosing weight.

South Africa, Europe and the Middle East

Specifically speaking about Brazil, Hungary and Lebanon… I’m not actually talking about the 2014 World Cup taking pace in Brazil.

Middle East, South American and Europe

Middle East, South American and Europe

Today, Norton from Brazil (in the middle), László from Hungary (on the right) and I (on the left) sat down after breakfast and had several discussions regarding the church’s challenges and successes in our respective countries. It is interesting to mention that regardless of the region and the hindrances –  according to our discussion – the church seems to be having this new wave of young visionaries oriented and tasked towards God’s Kingdom.

Dallas GPA is a wonderful opportunity for such open-minded discussions that will help us stretch ourselves. One of our talk consisted on Dr. Martin Accad’s SEKAP spectrum. “Martin, teaches Christian-Muslim dialogue at the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary in Lebanon.  That topic is often testy in the United States and explosive in the Middle East. Accad teaches what he calls a “SEKAP” spectrum. SEKAP is an acronym listing five postures or tones of interfaith dialogue.

They are:

S — Syncretistic (“all roads lead to heaven,” multicultural and pluralism promotion)

E — Existential (looking for common ground in truth or morality all parties can agree on; for instance, loving the poor or social justice)

K — Kerygmatic (positive proclamation of the gospel in respectful, civil dialogue that allows those of other faiths the same reciprocal opportunity)

AApologetic (recasting the case for my faith to persuade outsiders)

PPolemical (aggressive, triumphalist assertion of one way, excluding all alternatives).” ((


Dr. Ramesh Richard’s visit

Dr. Ramesh Richard

Dr. Ramesh Richard

At lunch time, Dr. Richard and his wife Bonnie visited us to fellowship and kick off the orientation day. Ramesh seems to be an “eloquent understanding multicultural person,” and we’re looking forward to hear what has to offer us on Monday.






Prestonwood Baptist Church visit

At Prestonwood Baptist Church

At Prestonwood Baptist Church

J. John Canon was invited to kick off a series regarding the 10 commandments for today’s life, the sermon was based on his book : “Just 10.”  If you’d like to know more about this mega church visit this link: Prestonwood Church.


Today we really felt the seriousness and importance of the Global Proclamation Academy. Please pray that the Lord gives us the power to proceed with the program with no hindrances.


Hula Hoop Game

Hula Hoop Game

In an team work effort, we played a team work game: ” The Helium Hula Hoop.” The game consists on several team members holding the hula hoop with on two fingers trying to lower down the circle to the ground. I know it sounds simple and easy… Now it’s your turn to try it!


Well i still have plenty of things to share about today, but it’s getting late and I surely could use some rest.

Good night dear readers,

Be blessed in Jesus’ Mighty Name