GPA – June 8-12: The Academy

Hey everyone! I would like to apologize for the lack of blogging commitment but the schedule at the Dallas GPA 2014 is intense yet super beneficial. Since classes started on Monday and everything have been rolling like an ICE ball down the mountain. In this issue, I intend to: Master Coaches Connect, Unite and Strengthen […]

GPA – Day 01: Orientation and Prestonwood Baptist Church

It’s always a pleasure to sit down, reflect on what happened during the day and share it with you guys. I pray that you are enjoying reading it as much as I am enjoying cooking it. In this issue I shall share with you the following: Jet lag Vs sports South America, Europe and the […]

GPA: New Arrivals and Sports Day

Hello again from Dallas, Today was supposed to be a resting day, but of course we always manage to occupy ourselves while waiting for the rest of the pastors to arrive. In this issue i’m going to chat about: My Room mate DTS facilities Prayers Miscellaneous My Room Mate I’ve missed to inform you about […]