Mission to South Korea – Day 02

Silouam ChurchRise and shine everyone! it’s 4:00 am and South Korea is awake for their early morning prayer. Here at Iksan City everything is calm. As Kim and I arrive to the church, Chung Mooksanim (Pastor Chung) awaits for the congregation’s arrival while praying, kneeling down behind the puplit. At 5:00 am sharp, the meeting starts and Kim shares a powerful message on how we should have the “Logos” and “Rhema” in order to overcome satan’s attacks.


The pastors and IWhen the meeting’s finished, Chung Mooksanim invited us to visit ‘Tshundo‘ an Island way far to the south of South Korea (a 2h30mins drive). ‘Tshundo‘ is called ‘Paradise Island‘ because 90% (1,800 citizen) are born again believers.  Due to the efforts of a female Evangelist ‘Moon Jung Yung’ who worked without resting to spread the word of God and evangelize people in this Island. Moon was born in 1891 and died as a martyr for the Lord in 1950. She was killed due to the communism conflictat that period. Evangelist Moon, used to change her shoes 9 times / year – Not because they became old fashioned, but because they’ve become non wearable due to the distances she used to walk while evanglizing. This woman managed to plant 100 churches in 14 islands during her 18 years of service. The massive Christian Inflation is still booming because of this woman’s love for Christ.


SEA FOOD!!!!While heading back to Iksan City, we stopped by to have lunch; and of course it’s again my time to pray so I could find food that suites my stomach. I looked at the menu that included all kind of sea food (Fish, octopus, etc…) and only one kind of escaloppe. WOW! “Pork Escaloppe“. So I decided to have it rather than anything else. And to my astonishement, it was delicious!


It’s already 5:00 pm, and the service where I’m sharing my testimony approaches. So I create my introductory Korean powerpoint presentation. Grab a Vegeterian Pizza and go straight to the meeting place. The congregation and I sang “ya sayyidi lamma ara noujoumak” and then I started to share the message, and for 50 minutes people where mesmerized. By the of the message, all I could hear was: ‘Halleluja’ and ‘Gamssa Hamnida'(Thank you). Chung Mooksanim was encouraged and blessedthat he asked us to lead the early morning prayer message tomorrow!


Therefore, if you’ll excuse me, I have a lot of praying to do… God is working…



Servant of Jesus,