Day 9: 606 The Holy Spirit 7th

Today’s journal is easy! Full day at the 606 The 7th Holy Spirit conference for Youth and some miscellaneous images like everyday! 1.The 7th Holy Spirit Conference for Youth: 606 606 represents the 6th of June which is the national holiday here in South Korea; it is  a memory of all the martyrs that where dead […]

Day 06: Sundays @ Yoido Full Gospel Church

Greetings everyone, in this issue I shall tackle three major points of today: Morning Worship Service Foreigner Informational Program ‘Pneuma’ Youth Leadership Course Miscellaneous   1. Morning Worship Service: Today was a a normal Sunday for the Yoido Full Gospel Church in Seoul. Around 37.000 attendees in the buildings of Yoido. And broadcasting the message […]

Day 05: Youth & Mission!

After a long 22 hours day, we had our 6 hours of sleep to wake up in the morning and  prepare ourselves for today’s schedule. I shall brief you about 4 major events happened today: Morning home meeting Youth Meeting with Pastor Youn @ Jung Dong Church World Mission Training Lecture @ Kangnam Church  Meeting […]