Testimonies :: I Was Dead by Rawad H.

How fast it happened! Driving at 170 km/hr on the highway, and… that’s all I remember!
I woke up in the intensive care unit, unable to talk, unable to move, and not knowing what was going on. I laid there for 7 consecutive days, only seeing the pastor of the church for half an hour a day. “You have lost your left arm in the car accident,” he said. “You have 6 broken ribs, a semi-functional right arm, and a broken jaw with barely any teeth.”

After crashing into the sidewalk and tearing down four trees, the car stopped. I seem to have walked outside my car and fainted because a paramedic was passing by and saw me on the ground. He kept on walking not wanting to trouble himself with investigations with the police later on about the accident, but “something from the inside of me made me turn around and walk back to him,” he said. Walking closer and closer, he heard me calling out the word “Jesus” repetitively.

Being rushed into the emergency room, the hospital’s hallway was split into two scenarios. On one hand were my parents and relatives crying, not knowing what was going on, and facing the fact that their son might be dying, and on the other hand were the church members who were praying for me all in one accord, holding on to God’s faithfulness in His Word and promises. They were laying their hands on the walls of the E.R. knowing for a fact that their prayers were being answered.

At that point, all what everyone knew was that I might lose my left arm. “Don’t ask me about his arm,” the doctor kept on saying, “ask me if he’s alive.” According to the hospital’s report, I was dead for four and a half hours with no pulse, no heart beat, and no blood pressure. “I am working on and stitching up a corpse,” he continued.

“Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out demons. Freely you have received, freely give.”(Matthew 10:8).


Rawad Haddad Testimony

As soon as the E.R.’s door opened the pastor tried to go in twice by force, but they kept on pushing him out saying that no one is allowed in. There was no possibility for negotiation concerning him going in. However, he never gave up being sure and certain that if he laid his hands on the doctors and me, I would be raised from the dead. At last, he was allowed in but he was told that he might not handle the sight of me because I was unrecognizable. Regardless of that, he entered the emergency room with only faith as his weapon. That was all that was needed because God’s Word is faithful and true. After praying for me and the doctors, he stood in the corner of the room with his hands raised up high, praying and declaring God’s promises about being able to raise the dead. Effectively, miraculously, my heart started beating again, after four and a half hours of being dead! Halleluiah!!!

Rawad Haddad

What happened? How did that happen? Could it be? How come you’re alive? … I know that so many questions are going through your head at this moment but the only answer I can give you is: My God is Jesus Christ! My God is alive! What else could I possibly add to that? No words could describe what happened. HE HAS DONE FOR ME WHAT NO OTHER MAN COULD HAVE DONE. It is only because of His grace, love, and Mighty hand that has lifted me from the dead, that I am alive and writing this.

I have opened a little door for the devil by driving fast regardless of all the warnings I have heard from the people around me, and this little door was enough for him to enter and destroy. I remember being in the ambulance on my way to the hospital, literally looking at the devil sitting right on top of me, chocking me, and telling me, “Don’t say it! You can’t say it.” But with all the power in me, I kept on saying the word “Jesus” and the minute I uttered that word, he disappeared. That picture never leaves my mind, and it gives me power and victory to remember how much authority is in the name “Jesus”.

He has been with me from the moment I was in my mother’s womb, and He has been with me when I was dead! He will always be with me and with whoever asks Him into their lives. You never know when death comes crawling like a snake into your life. Be ready! Live everyday as if it were your last! Live everyday having the certainty that when the last breath is inhaled on earth, the exhale will be in heaven. Trust me; it all happens within a blink of an eye.

Rawad Haddad’s Testimony @ Scout de Kornet Chahwan!

Dear All,
Today, Rawad, Christian, Fadia, Rania and I went for a 110km ride from Beirut to Hadat Al Jibbeh! Yes indeed quite a long ride but it was worth it to the extreme.

Drummer Rawad Haddad

After a two hours long drive from Beirut, Chekka, Amioune, Kosba and entering to Hadath Al Jibbe! A long ride makes us reach an amazing Forest that is preserved by the village itself. There, we met a group of young people aging from 13 up to 22 dwelling into a very highly disciplined camping where we’ve seen some amazing work done by those young men of the future. Rawad’s Rising From Dead Testimony, was quite astonishing to most of these young men, Hence we’ve seen many of them encouraged by what God has done in Rawad’s life and how the power of God can dwell in the life of a believer.

We offered the group  a gift of love. The Bible!

Before we left, our worship band presented a couple worship songs and we lead the group into a small prayer time and connection with God!

The Church's Band!
Stay tuned as this weekend we shall bring you further news about a conference that is taking place!

Have a good day Everyone!