Day 7 & 8: Small Groups, Prayer Mountain & Middle East Missionaries.

Thank you for your patience, I would like to apologize because I did not have the time to write down the blog yesterday as I’ve spent all day/night at the Yoido Prayer Mountain that we will talk about in just a while. Today’s menu is: Elders & Deaconesses of the “Success Mission” Women’s meeting Deacon’s Home Visit […]

Day 06: Sundays @ Yoido Full Gospel Church

Greetings everyone, in this issue I shall tackle three major points of today: Morning Worship Service Foreigner Informational Program ‘Pneuma’ Youth Leadership Course Miscellaneous   1. Morning Worship Service: Today was a a normal Sunday for the Yoido Full Gospel Church in Seoul. Around 37.000 attendees in the buildings of Yoido. And broadcasting the message […]

Day 04: Talking about a Long Day!

Good evening everyone, bare with me in this newsletter, as it will tend to be long and detailed, yet spiritual and adventurous. This day started at 4:00 am and now it’s 2:00 am the next day. So I have to sum up a 22 hours day in a couple of lines, so bare with me […]