Rawad Haddad’s Testimony @ Scout de Kornet Chahwan!

Dear All,
Today, Rawad, Christian, Fadia, Rania and I went for a 110km ride from Beirut to Hadat Al Jibbeh! Yes indeed quite a long ride but it was worth it to the extreme.

Drummer Rawad Haddad

After a two hours long drive from Beirut, Chekka, Amioune, Kosba and entering to Hadath Al Jibbe! A long ride makes us reach an amazing Forest that is preserved by the village itself. There, we met a group of young people aging from 13 up to 22 dwelling into a very highly disciplined camping where we’ve seen some amazing work done by those young men of the future. Rawad’s Rising From Dead Testimony, was quite astonishing to most of these young men, Hence we’ve seen many of them encouraged by what God has done in Rawad’s life and how the power of God can dwell in the life of a believer.

We offered the group  a gift of love. The Bible!

Before we left, our worship band presented a couple worship songs and we lead the group into a small prayer time and connection with God!

The Church's Band!
Stay tuned as this weekend we shall bring you further news about a conference that is taking place!

Have a good day Everyone!

Day 05: Youth & Mission!

After a long 22 hours day, we had our 6 hours of sleep to wake up in the morning and  prepare ourselves for today’s schedule. I shall brief you about 4 major events happened today:

  1. Morning home meeting
  2. Youth Meeting with Pastor Youn @ Jung Dong Church
  3. World Mission Training Lecture @ Kangnam Church
  4.  Meeting with a group of Missionaries
  5. Miscellaneous

So let us get started with this journal.

1. Morning Home Meeting:

This time it is quite different. On Saturday’s there are not early morning prayer meetings, as the Yoido Full Gospel Church has the Friday late prayer night until early morning. And since during the weekdays all families are at work, so the best ways to sit around as a family is on a Saturday. Therefore, today, Kim, the Kang family (the kind people who are hosting Kim and I), and I sat down for a lovely morning prayer where I shared  a message on how to stay connected with God through prayers, trust and faith. Our gathering was ended by a call to action prayer by Kim.

2. Youth Meeting with Pastor Youn @ Jung Dong Church:

Now that we are all warmed up, Kim and I headed for a 2 hours subway and bus trip to reach the location of the Jung Dong Church. Where we had a meeting with some youth that are “Mission Minded” … Pastor Youn is one of the pioneers in his church to initiate a “World Mission” department to put the love of mission in the youth of today. We shared a powerful message to engage these youth on keeping the humble heart while communicating with God, and serving Him. But again, as time was running, we had to flee very fast in order to catch up our subway.

3. World Mission Training Lecture @ Kangnam Church:

Kangnam Church Mission Lecture After 1h30, we literary RAN to reach the lecture on time. As this is a lecture to equip the missionaries with more information about the situation in the Middle East as a whole. Culturally, Socially and Spiritually!

There was around 150 missionaries equipping themselves to travel to several places in the world for different mission purposes. we sang a ‘Afra7ou yasou3 7arrarani’ and ‘7inama adnou min koddsika’ , and with a laughter we shared a lecture.
What was really fun this time, that after we’ve finished the lecture the following statement was made:

This was the best / funniest lecture we’ve ever heard on this subject! 

Praise God for His Glorious work and Grace… Amen

4. Meeting with a group of Missionaries:

Missionaries Coming To Lebanon

Missionaries Coming To Lebanon

After the lecture finishes, we had a nice Chinese dinner  with 4 missionaries getting ready to come over lebanon this July 2012. They will be in Lebanon to explore the Culture, Society, help kids,  and most of all worship the Lord with the church in Lebanon.



Therefore, I’d like you to start praying for this team’s flight, as it is a long journey to achieve. Pray so may the Lord fulfill His purpose for their life’s through this trip. Amen


5. Miscellaneous:

As always, something interesting happens on the streets. I shall let the pictures speak for themselves:

Street Evanglization

Street Evangelism

Crabs bigger than my head

Crabs bigger than my head, and the platter is around $40! Care to have some?


Finally my brother and sisters in Lebanon, and to all the readers in the world. As another journey passes by, the more I experience the power of God in this country.

Special Request:

Kindly pray for Kim & I, as our journeys are physically exhausting. We need your prayers and the power of The Holy Spirit! Thank you all for your support and encouragements!

Have a blessed day Everyone,

Jesus’ Obedient Servant,

Day 04: Talking about a Long Day!

Good evening everyone, bare with me in this newsletter, as it will tend to be long and detailed, yet spiritual and adventurous. This day started at 4:00 am and now it’s 2:00 am the next day. So I have to sum up a 22 hours day in a couple of lines, so bare with me as we go through the following adventures:

  1. Early morning prayer meeting
  2. Meeting  the Associate Pastor for Ministry & Education Department at the Yoido Full Gospel Church, Rev. Sang In Han. (ya3neh someone like Elie Karam’s position)
  3. Meeting with the Rev. Daniel Ow Senior pastor of the ‘Pneuma’ Youth Department at the Yoido Full Gospel Church
  4. Meeting with the World Mission Center Team.
  5.  Meeting with Rev. Peter Kim, Senior pastor of the Full Gospel World Vision Church.
  6. Miscellaneous
  7. IMPORTANT! Prayer meeting at the Yoido Full Gospel Church.

If you bare enough you will read a fun surprise in this text. So let us hit the road with the early morning prayer meeting

1. Early morning prayer meeting:

Early morning Prayer meeting

This meeting started as usual at 5:00 am, many where at the church to start their morning in prayers. This time it was a bit different, because it’s a Yoido Full Gospel Church (YFGC) branch, therefore a big SCREEN projection of the LIVE sermon is projected and everyone is receiving the word of God. After the sermon finishes, then everyone starts praying to the Lord for a whole hour.
But to my astonishment,  I saw that the church can fit around 300 people at a time, and suddenly i turn back and i find this picture that you ca see where it is written 1700. The 1700 is the congregation’s number, and in order to fit them all they make 5 Sunday services! ain’t that impressive?

2. Meeting Rev. Sang In Han:

Ali Khalil -  Rev. Sang In Han - Rev. Sunguk KimLater in the morning at around 11:30 am, we had a meeting with the Associate Pastor for Ministry & Education Department of the YFGC: Rev. Sang in Han. He has a PHD in the old testament majoring in Archaeology of the old testament. Rev. Han, is the right hand of Rev. Han Lee the Senior pastor of the Church. Kim & I where invited to have lunch with him in a Chinese restaurant in their private lounge.

For two hours, we where sharing ministry thoughts and ideas about Lebanon, the middle east and South Korea.
Let me tell you that Rev. Sang In Han is a very anointed man of God with a vision!
Before we left him, he mentioned that he would try to fix me an appointment with Rev. Han Lee the Senior pastor of the Yoido Full Gospel Church, so please keep this subject in your prayers so God would open the doors for multiple spiritual co-operations between the Lebanese and South Korean congregation! 

3. Meeting Rev. Daniel Ow:

After our first meeting with Rev. Han, we headed directly to the office of Rev. Daniel Ow, the Senior pastor of 300 youth leaders at the YFGC. Where we chatted about my testimony and university experience. The two subjects I will be sharing on Sunday 03 June 2012 with the 300 youth leaders of the YFGC. The meeting put high spiritual expectancy on what will happen this Sunday!

4. Meeting with the World Mission Center Team:

World Mission Team

The World Mission Team, is the team that is in charge of the discipleship, and to equip the short term missionaries and the long term missionaries like Rev. Kim (my host). They have missionaries in about 28 countries divided into 45 groups each. They have 700 long term missionaries and they send around 300 short term missionaries to assist the long term missionaries in their ministry duties abroad.


5. Meeting with Rev. Peter Kim:

Rev. Kim, has a heart for foreigners that are living in Korea. Foreigners from Central Asia and the Middle East. He tries to reach out to them by the being their friend in order to introduce the word of God to them. Rev. Kim showed great interest in visiting the Middle East region in order to share knowledge, culture and above all spirituality!

6. Miscellaneous:

During the day, Kim and I visited an artificial lake / waterfall / forest! I will let the images speak for themselves.

Artifical Forest

Artifical Forest


Artifical Forest














7. Prayer meeting at Yoido Full Gospel Church:

Ali Khalil at The Yoido Full Gospel Church9:00 pm sharp, a 3 hours prayer meeting starts at the Yoido Full Gospel Church.  The first question you’d ask yourself is: “How would I be able to worship God in a place where 25.000 at least gather in one night!”
The second question you’d ask yourself is: “How would I be able to worship God in a place this BIG, contemplating the Architecture would take you ages to do?

The answer my friends is simple, and i will share it with you in a while.

As soon as I reached the church and went inside of it, this is what i saw:

YFGC - Worship

Yoidu Full Gospel Church Worship service, with two bands and an orchestra, and 25.000 people in this room only. Oh not to forget the very well organized team of Deacons (Al Shammas).. Check the picture below.. I am surely you will know what i mean:

YFGC - Deacons

I know that you’ve all been waiting for the surprise, so before i proceed with the spiritual part I shall reveal to you the surprise. It is an unbelievable story, among all the people attending, which are at least 30.000 on a friday night; Rev. Han Lee the senior pastor of the Yoido Full Gospel Church, approaches the bench where Kim and I are sitting and comes to greet us! I still don’t know the reason! But i believe that God has His own divine interventions! Even KIM was astonished!

Before i finalize today’s long 22 hours journey, I would like to tell you the the presence of the Holy spirit in this church was so amazing, I wish that all of you where here at that instant of prayer! I cannot describe it with words nor even feelings. But i can define it with one word: GOD!

My brothers and sisters in Lebanon, I  am already jealous from the humbleness, communion and adoration of the Korean community! Aren’t you?


Jesus’ Servant,