Who is Ali?

Ali Rania Khalil

Current Position:

  1. RREACH, Global Program Manager for the GProCommission.


  1. BA, Multimedia, University of the Holy Spirit (Lebanon)
  2. MDiv Candidate, Arab Baptist Theological Seminary (Lebanon)

Additional Ministries:

  1. Sioufy Church Of God pastoral team member
  2. Praise & Worship
  3. Leading small groups


Born to a Muslim family and raised in Lebanon, Ali Khalil had an idea of creating his own religion. This idea made him start a research that, eventually, led him to a personal encounter with Christ.

Therefore, at the age of 18, Ali encountered Jesus and started serving in a local church in Beirut-Lebanon. During his ministry, Ali grew to be a worshiper, preacher and a teacher of the Word of God.

In 2011, Ali and Rania got married and felt led to commence their theological studies at the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary (ABTS) in Lebanon.

In addition to serving in a local church and being part of a global vision, we recently started the Emerging Leaders known as Qadem movement and one of our projects is the Lebanon Proclamation Academy (www.lebanongpa.org)

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  1. We help the poor people and feeding the Orphan Children by education, food, clothes, medicines and sheltering. Please do pray for our Orphan children’s daily bread. I love to work with you in India on behalf of you to serve Him by bringing thousands of UN saved people into the faith of our living Lord.
    So I request invited to you come to India and visit our Spiritual and Social works.

    1. Rev. Taneti,
      I would like to thank you for the invitation. However, at this time it is very hard for us to visit your precious country. Nevertheless, we will surely pray for the many pre-Christians that need to get to know the Lord Jesus Christ as Saviour.
      Be blessed brother,

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